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Happy (Belated) Mother's Day! by SquiddlePrincess
Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!
In celebration of Mother's Day, I drew a big picture of some of the characters from my Aerith story who are mothers. Not all of them - that would take ages. I narrowed it down to characters who were either one of the main six (Annika, Pedro, Opal, Lucy, Lee, Hannah) or the mother of one of the main six. Annika happens to be both, which is why she's in the middle.

Top left is Esabel Kelandrel, mother of Opal (the little one she's carrying) and Cynthia Peroni (the girl on the left). Esabel grew up on the moon of Aiyur. She was a clever student and did well at school, going on to study at one of Aiyur's best universities, where she met her husband, Tulio Peroni. Esabel was fascinated with magic - much of her studies were concerned with magic from a non-magical perspective - and for this reason, when her youngest daughter was offered a place at the academy of the Magi, Esabel accepted even though it meant Opal would have to leave home. This caused a rift between her and Tulio, and they divorced. He returned to his home nation of Padanna with Cynthia, the older daughter, who spent her school holidays on Aiyur with her mother. (This is why Cynthia uses the last name 'Peroni', rather than 'Kelandrel', which she traditionally would have taken.)

Top right is Queen Lucinda of Padanna with Pedro. I couldn't fit all of Queen Lucinda's children on here - she has four sons and three daughters - so I chose Pedro, since he's one of the main characters. He's also a massive momma's boy (Ashma, conversely, is closer to her father). Lucinda was not originally supposed to marry King Armando - it was her older twin sister Sofia who was to be introduced in the hope that they would find the match to be a good one. Sofia, however, was very much opposed to settling down at the royal court and getting married, and convinced her sister to switch places with her. However, Lucinda and Armando ended up falling in love, so it was arranged for them to be married instead, to both sisters' joy. Lucinda was much better suited to being queen than her sister would have been; she was far more patient and responsible, and she wanted a large family.

Middle left is Faralee Stryder, Annika's mother. Faralee was a desert orphan girl who had no memory of her own family. She moved around with a band of nomads before settling in Taranta, guided only by intuition, and took a job in the factory. There she met Samik, and they fell in love and were married. Faralee took his last name, since she didn't remember her own. The two never had much money, but they were very happy together and only became happier when Faralee became pregnant. However, once Annika was born, Faralee became very ill, and she only survived another two days. She chose Annika's first name, and Samik gave her her mother's name as a middle name. Unbeknownst to her and Samik, the complications with Faralee's pregnancy were the result of a non-magical mother carrying a child with very strong magic. Sadly, had they lived in a more affluent neighbourhood with access to better technology, Faralee may have survived.

In the middle, we have Annika Stryder, daughter of Faralee and Samik. She grew up without a mother, and as a result, she and her father were very close. Samik and Faralee's close friend Madoka helped Annika through the infant years, and she became good friends with Sayaka, one of Madoka's daughters. Annika was a bright but mischievous and hot-tempered child who was always getting into scrapes. She was very skilled with mechanical systems and was hired at the factory at a much younger age than was normal. When Annika was nine years old, she left home to train as a mage after helping out some magi stranded in her hometown. She met Pedro, who the magi were escorting, and never forgot him. They met again when she had grown up, soon fell in love and married in secret. Annika's pregnancy came as a surprise, and was difficult to hide, but she and Pedro were both overjoyed at the idea of having a family. They planned to run away and raise them together, but a combination of political disasters and harrowing magical prophecies led to both Annika and Pedro's deaths. Lucy was adopted by Sayaka, and Lee by Pedro's younger brother Marco.

Middle right is Joletta Allein, Hannah's mother. Joletta was born on Padanna, but moved out to Thrist to take a job in the mining industry. However, the mines started closing up as business moved from Thrist to Petipu, and Joletta was left jobless. She ended up getting into illegal trading, where she met and married Jamie Corren. Their daughter Hannah was born a few years later and for six years she and her parents got away with all their dirty dealings. Then the attack on Thrist at the end of the Independence War resulted in both Jamie and Joletta's death. Hannah was then taken in by Jamie's sister Jade, and they carried on the family business until, when Hannah was eighteen, a rival trading family took out the last of the Corren clan. Only Hannah escaped, fleeing Thrist to travel the Aerith system making money through various shady operations.

Bottom left is Hannah Allein. After seven years of travelling around, taking every day as it came and looking out for number one, Hannah met Lucy, Opal and Lee and, long story short, ended up getting roped into a plot to overthrow the government. As you do. While they were waging war and plotting revolution, she and Lee fell in love, and after the totalitarian regime was finally toppled, they got married and had three children: Jamie and Jade (twins, left and right) and Annie (middle). While Lee took charge of their academic and political education and their Aunt Lucy tutored them in magic, Hannah brought them up with all her practical skills, including spaceship piloting, mechanical bits and bobs, and handling a laser pistol. She was particularly close to her son Jamie, as they were very similar in character.

Bottom right is Lucy Stryder, Annika and Pedro's daughter, with her own daughter Jane. Lucy and her brother were separated at a young age, and she was raised in desert Monasta, a city not far from her mother's hometown, by Annika's childhood friend Sayaka. Lucy was a sprightly young girl and a bit of a daydreamer, longing to get out and see the world. Though Opal lived nearby, she never got to know her until she was forced to flee her home and leave Sayaka and Benik (Sayaka's husband) behind so that she would not fall into the government's hands. She never saw them again. She was then reunited with her brother, and they teamed up to overthrow the government (as you do). Lucy didn't meet Jane's father, Marcel, until years after the main revolution, after several other relationships which never went anywhere. Lucy had Jane in her mid thirties, never having thought much about children before, and never had another child. She loved Jane very much, but they became much closer after Marcel's death when Jane was twelve. Before then, Jane had been closer to him than to Lucy, mostly due to Lucy often being away leading the magical world.
Lily's Cat by SquiddlePrincess
Lily's Cat
Lily shows Judy the cat she's been looking after. Lily loves animals, but her mum is allergic, so she can't have her own pet. So when she found this random cat roaming around her block of flats, she started feeding it and made it a little home in a cardboard box at the bottom of the apartment building. Judy, of course, wastes no time telling Lily she's not allowed and she's going to get in trouble.

I suck at drawing animals -_-
The Centurion Crew by SquiddlePrincess
The Centurion Crew

My first attempt at drawing some characters my sister and I came up with. They're the crew of a spaceship called the Centurion in the 2500s. Their job is basically to visit a system of planets and set up interplanetary wireless internet.

Cassius is the captain, and he's got a real thirst for adventure and a near-obsession with rescuing people and being the hero. He's always the one who ends up interrupting the mission to help out some random chumps. He's also a huge flirt and picks up a new girl on nearly every planet they visit. He loves sports and is strong and athletic, but when he's not fighting or playing sports he tends to be a bit clumsy - often because he underestimates his own strength. He also has a talent for knitting and a love of cheesy, sentimental movies, which he is completely unashamed of. He has six younger sisters and is very close to and protective of all of them. He's a tireless optimist and is always pumped up about something. He's American.

Antonia is chief navigator and programmer and is extremely good with numbers. She's generally a mature and nurturing Team Mom, but often surprises people when she shows her zany side. She's always the one to come up with creative, think-outside-the-box sort of plans, and is often the mediator who finds a compromise. Antonia loves to read, both fiction and non-fiction, and can often be found reading in odd places during her time off. She doesn't have a specialist subject as such, being interested in pretty much anything and often sharing various random facts with the rest of the crew. She's usually the calm, level-headed one, but tends to get competitive when it comes to board or card games; she's excellent at Scrabble and poker. Nationality-wise, she's British, but she comes from a large, extended Indian family. She has a girlfriend called Tamara, who is an artist.

Remus is head engineer and everyone says he can build and fix anything. He is ambitious and dedicated to his career and prefers to follow the rules whenever possible. He's very neat, tidy person and is very organised. Like Antonia, he loves to read, but he's mostly into non-fiction, specifically related to engineering. Unlike Antonia, he likes all his knowledge to be useful. He and Cassius often argue because of their different outlooks and methods, but they're very close friends. He has a soft spot for Camilla, who he treats like a sister. Remus looks up to his older brother, Romulus, who is working on a different ship. In his spare time he likes inventing various robotic contraptions, and he makes a sighted guide robot for Mia, the chef, with whom he eventually gets together.

Camilla is head of communications and chief interpreter. She usually comes off as a bit ditzy and airheaded, but she is very intelligent, speaking several different alien languages fluently. Camilla is kind and gentle, with a positive outlook on life, and likes to be friendly to everyone she meets. She's an animal lover and a vegetarian. She brings aboard an alien animal to keep as a pet; initially Remus complains, but he eventually gives in and lets her keep it. Camilla is very feminine and decorates her room with fairy lights and dream catchers. She and Cassius watch both soppy movies and sports together. Although she is usually the friendliest and most approachable member of the crew, if Camilla gets angry (usually when someone hurts an animal) she is lethal. She knows several forms of martial arts, and is also into cheerleading.

Marvo is a robot whose job is to help Remus with engineering. Unfortunately, Marvo never really does his job. He's a rude, lazy robot who spends most of his time hovering around making sarcastic comments, calling everyone a jackass and generally being a pain in the butt. The only person who can ever get him to do anything is Camilla, and even she doesn’t manage it very often. Marvo also tends to steal things from time to time.

Mia is the ship’s chef. She’s quite experimental and is always coming up with new, exciting dishes. Mia lost her sight at a young age, but is very capable and has a sighted guide robot named Marta, designed and built for her by Remus. Marta also serves as a kitchen assistant. Mia’s dishes often look very strange, but they always taste fantastic. Mia is generally cheerful, very affectionate and loves hugs. She likes to sing while she’s cooking. She and Remus eventually get together. Mia was born in China but was adopted by her two American dads.



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I'm SquiddlePrincess, and there's lots of stuff I like, but in particular I like drawing and writing. I like Homestuck, Harry Potter, Disney (classics, newer films and pixar, plus Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel), Sherlock Holmes (the books, the BBC series, and I'm watching some of the older ones :D), the Hunger Games, Chaos Walking, My Little Pony, Les Miserables and loads of other stuff.

I also watch Cbeebies, Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom because I am an eternal child.

I like cheese because it tastes good :)

My friends are awesome :D Thanks for being awesome, guys!
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Okay, now it's past midday, I'm going to clear something up.

I am NOT discontinuing TAOSAE. I'll be posting a page tonight, in fact. That was an April Fool.

Hope you had a fun morning!

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